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  • Emerging electric utility-focused technologies track externalities like weather or direct line maintenance needs through static, moment-in-time aerial inspections.

  • Recon Powerline is a cost-effective cloud-based data platform that tracks failures and precursors to failure in electric utility assets, line-by-line and pole-to-pole. It uses edge computing to provide critical insight into hardware, mechanical and electrical issues on the lines that may or may not be outwardly visible – before and after wildfire ignitions occur.

  • Utility operators are provided with an unprecedented opportunity to fix problems prior to ignition, spot ignitions instantly and more narrowly target public power shut-offs when they can’t be avoided.

  • Over time, our ability to track system anomalies on a line-by-line, pole-to-pole basis will help utilities prioritize maintenance and drive a more strategic approach to tackling the rapidly expanding vegetation management burden. ​​

  • When ignitions occur, as they inevitably will, we provide utility operators  with geographic coordinates, path of travel intelligence and cause insights in real-time to ensure greater efficiency in suppression.